The Patient Reported Outcomes Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) study group invite you to participate in1234567 a multinational, patient-focused research study to investigate and directly probe patient perspectives on outcomes that affect your own life and care.


  • Who can participate in the survey
    • Hemophilia A
    • Hemophilia B
    • Carriers of hemophilia A or B
    • Controls (participants without any bleeding disorders such as parent, siblings, friends)

  • Main Sections:
    • Personal (No identification question)
    • Problems (Related to your general health)
    • Hemophilia (For Hemophilia participants only)

  • Available in 21 country in 11 languages (see “Participation Organization”)
  • Approximate time of the survey is 15 - 20 minutes
  • EQ-5D Instrument included in PROBE survey
  • No identification question(Anonymous) to protect your privacy
  • Available online and on paper


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